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Now the question becomes; how do we take this important asset and put it to work for us? The answer of course is to build systems that don’t require our constant time and attention in order to continuously generate repeat business and cultivate referrals. Let’s first look at repeat business. No matter what the product or service, the consumer is normally interested in two things ? they want value for their money and they want to know that the company they award their business to appreciates it.

We need to implement a system that incorporates all essential points from first thanking a client for their initial business, and for then creating an ongoing relationship that positions us as their real estate agent for life. You can make this plan as simple or as elaborate as you choose, however, in order for this system to work, you actually need to do the tasks that you assign! So be realistic about how much time you are going to devote to keeping in touch, and then create your plan accordingly.

Below is a sample of a Past Client Activity Plan.

Once you have created the above tasks and assigned them to a Past Client Activity Plan in your database management software, you simply launch the activity plan for each new client associated with a closed transaction.