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CashOffer Groups Sell

A way to sell
for any situation

When you work with us, you can explore the market knowing you already have an offer on your home.
All of our selling options include a built-in cash offer from CashOffers Group.

Sell to CashOffers Group.

Sell right away. We can buy your home in days. No showings required.

Sell on the market

Go after the best price. If you list with us, our offer is good for 60 days.

Start with an
estimated offer

Enter your address
This gives us publicly available info about your home.

Confirm home details
Let us know if you’ve made any renovations or upgrades.

Tell us about your move
Answer a few questions about your home and selling timeline.

What goes into our
estimated offer

This is our first pass. We calculate an estimate based on our pricing data and your home details.
You’ll get a final, cash offer when we know more about your home.

Home Details

Every home is different. We use the info you shared to make a unique estimate for yours.

Similar Home Sales

We compare homes that sold recently to yours. We look for similar size, condition, and details. 

Market Data

If homes are sitting on the market longer than usual, we account for that risk in our estimate.

Getting to an
CashOffer Groups final offer

Show us your home
Send us videos or do a live walkthrough. We’ll also examine the home’s exterior and look inside — it takes about 30 minutes.

We’ll review the details
Our local pricing experts review your videos and home details. Offers are typically finalized within a few days.

Inside an CashOffer Groups:
costs and fees

Once an offer is finalized, we’ll send over a breakdown of charges,
costs, and the total amount a seller takes away.

Service fee

We charge a 5% fee on every home we buy, similar to how commission
works for real estate agents.

Repair costs

Costs are deducted for anticipated repairs, so you don’t have to
pay cash up front to sell the home.

Closing costs

These are required in every home sale, and include things
like title insurance and appraisal fees.

Net proceeds

This is the total amount the seller takes away, after all
charges and costs are deducted.

Get your estimated offer

Start your home sale with an offer from CashOffer Group.