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Best Places for Renters to Live

A new report by RentCafe named Fort Lauderdale as the 14th best place to rent in the United States. This new study placed Fort Lauderdale higher than cities like Nashville (22nd), Tampa (24th), Miami (25th), and Dallas (32nd).

Factors Driving Fort Lauderdale’s Appeal for Renters:

  1. DowntownFTL ranked second in the nation for its strong share of new apartments.
  2. New apartments in DowntownFTL are larger than units in peer cities.

Major cities struggling to attract new residents often have an older inventory of apartments. These units are typically too small to support growing families. With the newest and largest apartment units in the country, Downtown Fort Lauderdale is growing in a way that is in line with the needs of young professionals and new families.

By The Numbers: Share of New Units in DowntownFTL

  • RentCafe identifies about 34% of all units in Fort Lauderdale as new. Our city performs about 8 points better than Miami, 14 points better than Austin, and 17 points better than Atlanta.
  • New York City ranks among the worst performing cities on this metric with about 4% of apartments identified as new.

By The Numbers: Larger Units in DowntownFTL

  • DowntownFTL units are on average 11% bigger than apartments in Austin and about 9% larger than units in Nashville and Miami. This makes Fort Lauderdale apartments about 100 square feet larger than these cities.
  • Compared to New York City and Washington DC, DowntownFTL apartments are about 30% bigger, equivalent to over 200 extra square feet per unit.

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