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by Dianne & Selwyn Thorpee on Paiz Team
Highly likely to recommend - 04/27/2016

04/27/2016To our family, Fernando and Karen Paiz are more than Realtors. They have become more of a household name for us. When I began planning my relocation from New York to South Florida, I contacted the Paiz team and immediately felt comfortable and confident that they were the right agents for us. Fernando and Karen possess a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field. They are accommodating, flexible and extremely thorough, and were able to assist us with every step of our move - from finding a rental property to eventually purchasing a home most suitable for our family. Thank you so much, Fernando and Karen 🙂

by Francesca Dyrud on Paiz Team
First-Class Service

04/21/2016 04:08 Million Plus Property.As experienced home buyers, my husband and I have extremely high expectations as we demand only first-class service from a real estate agent. Thus, our meeting with Fernando Paiz seemed quite fortuitous. While our experience is that most agents are "talkers" we found it refreshing that Fernando is a fabulous "listener" who invests his time in understanding what his clients want and/or need. We were thoroughly impressed by Fernando's diligence and his promptness in answering every single text/phone call throughout the entire process. His initiative made the entire home buying process effortless for us.My husband & I were amazed by Fernando & Karen Paiz professionalism and their exquisite knowledge of the Weston area real estate market. They are both extremely competent and pleasant to work with. Together, they did the work for us which relieved us of the burden and stress that house hunting inevitably may cause.Fernando & Karen patiently showed us scores of homes and within weeks they, alone, had zeroed in on the perfect home for our family. The home was currently "off-market" but they arranged a private showing for us. All that we had to do was show up for the viewing. Like love at first site we instantly knew that the house, they had found, was exactly what we were looking for! With their expertise and guidance we were able to negotiate a fair price and close the deal efficiently and in record time.Fernando & Karen were meticulous in every detail as they guided us through each step of our real estate transaction and they graciously went the extra mile by continuing to assist us with things after closing!We highly recommend Fernando & Karen Paiz to anyone who desires or demands first class service from their real estate agent.

by Jay & Heidi Chung on Paiz Team
May 1st, 2015

From the Desk of Jay Chung, J.D., LL.M.1299 Crossbill Court, Weston, FL 33327July 3, 2015Fernando & Karen PaizEWM International Realty2000 Main StWeston, FL 33326Re: Letter of Recommendation for the Paiz TeamTo Whom It May Concern:As I sincerely give thanks to God and reminisce upon our recent move-in experience to our new home, I felt compelled to write to you and to recognize the most earnest and genuinely touching service from you.Whereas EWM and the Paiz Team already garner a stellar reputation in real estate industry, our family was able to experience the paragon of excellence first-hand. I especially and respectfully laud Fernando and Karen as exceptional real estate professionals with character, competence and care. Fernando and Karen, to me, were not only our trusted real estate advisors, but also our friends, in the sojourn of long-awaited and prayerful desire to purchase our own family nest.From the inception of our intent to acquire our home, Fernando and Karen consistently and in detail demonstrated the highest level of service and personable warmth; they simply exceeded our expectation not just once but in multiple occasions with wide volume of attention to our family’s wishes, most importantly, my loving wife’s specifications. ☺Great compliments can be also expressed about Fernando and Karen’s real estate acumen and heartfelt service achievements throughout our purchase process. I am quite certain that Fernando and Karen garner admiration from not only their peers at EWM but also all those who are associated with them. I truly believe that Fernando and Karen serve their clients with empathy and authentic heart, and they will always be remembered as the best portion of what EWM Realty International had to offer.I sincerely hope that Fernando and Karen are celebrated by their clients, peers and the management at EWM for what they meant to our family, as well as for who they are at the core. Because of Fernando and Karen’s exemplary service, my wife and I will not hesitate to re-engage and refer to their service in the future. If any prospect client is searching for a real estate team and the company that will truly make a durable difference, please let me unequivocally profess my utmost appreciation and recommendation for Fernando and Karen.Thank you again EWM… and thank you so much Fernando and Karen!Sincerely,/s/Jay ChungJay Chung, J.D., LL.M.Save

by Faizul & Seeta Bacchus on Paiz Team
May 1, 2015

I would like to give special thanks, and much appreciation to Fernando and Karen of EWM Realty. Our home was listed through them, and their professionalism, attention to detail, and high ethical standards made them stand out above and beyond all other realtors I’ve used in the past. Not only did they plan and attend showings, but they also took the time to learn all of the features of my home, and shared these in great detail with every potential buyer, which allowed me to extract the very best value I could for my home. I would highly recommend Fernando and Karen to all potential buyers and sellers, as I believe them to be the very best in the South Florida region.Best RegardsSeeta BacchusFaizul Bacchus

by Gustavo Tonini & Paula Belaustegui on Paiz Team
September 16, 2014

"When somebody arrives to the United States for the first time, it's not always easy to find what you want. And one of the hardest things to find, and may be the most important to start a new life in a new country, is buying a new house.In the beginning everybody told me that it was going to take me between one and a half to two years to be able to get a loan and that I was going to have to rent for a long time. So I was doubting if I should buy or rent. And if to all of this I added my lack of knowledge of the places to live and the legal environment, it looked complicated. But I had the luck to meet Fernando Paiz from the Paiz Team, Who was the first one to let me know that getting a loan in my condition of recently moved with no credit history was possible.Then I started to believe that what I wanted could become a reality.Fernando showed great professionalism by understanding our needs, explaining the current market conditions and recommending the best areas to live in according to schools and quality of life, and showing us exactly the type of houses we wanted to see.This is how in the first round of visits we found what we where looking for: my whole family was in love with one house.Nevertheless the transaction wasn't easy because of being foreigners and things got complicated. But Fernando introduced us to all the EWM team, title company, loan officer, inspector and legal advice.Each of them contributed great professionalism and helped when their expertise was needed: legal discussions with the seller who was a lawyer, complications to obtain the loan due to lack of credit history, expertise negotiating with seller because appraisal came in lower than the initially agreed price, etc...There were at least three Times when the deal was about to break and only the professionalism of the team led by FERNANDO turned back the situation.I truly believe that this deal would not have closed if it wasn't for the Paiz team and the support of prestigious EWM.For me it was a very gratifying buying process and without a doubt I will recommend Any person in my situation to trust Their dream to buy a house with The Paiz Team!!"

by Gustavo Tonini & Paula Belaustegui on Paiz Team
Sept. 16, 2014 Closing Date

“Cuando alguien llega a los EEUU por primera vez, no siempre es facil conseguir lo que uno necesita. Y entre las cosas mas difíciles de conseguir, y tal vez la mas importante para comenzar con una nueva vida en un nuevo pais, es comprar una casa.Al principio todo el mundo me decía que iba a tardar entre un año y medio o dos para poder conseguir un credito y que iba a tener que alquilar por un tiempo prolongado. Asi que estuve dudando en alquilar o comprar. Si a esto le sumaba mi desconocimiento de los lugares en los cuales vivir y del entorno legal, la cosa venia complicada. Pero tuve la suerte de conocer a Fernando Paiz del Paiz Team, quien fue el primero en decirme que conseguir un crédito, en mis condiciones de recién llegado y sin ningún historial de crédito, era posible.Ahí comenze a creer que lo que quería podía hacerse realidad.Fernando demostró una gran profesionalidad entendiendo nuestras necesidades, explicándonos la situación del mercado y recomendándonos las mejores areas teniendo en cuenta los colegios y la calidad de vida y mostrándonos exactamente las casas que queríamos ver. Asi fue que ya en la primera ronda de visitas, encontramos lo que buscábamos: toda mi familia quedo enamorada de una casa.Igualmente la transacción no fue fácil ya que el hecho de ser extranjeros no facilitaba que se nos tenga confianza y asi fue que las cosas se nos complicaron. Pero Fernando nos presento a todo el equipo de trabajo dentro de EWM: Compañias de titulo, Oficial de Prestamos, Inspectores y el equipo Legal.Cada uno de ellos aporto una tremenda profesionalidad y ayudo en momentos donde fue necesario el exponer su expertise: discusiones legales con el vendedor de la casa (que era abogado), complicaciones para conseguir el prestamos dada mi falta de historia crediticia, expertise en la negociación con el vendedor dado que el appraisal no dio todo el dinero que se había acordado y hubo que negociar con el vendedor la baja del monto acordado inicialmente, etc.Hubo por lo menos 3 momentos en que el trato estuvo a punto de romperse y solo la profesionalidad del equipo liderado por Fernando hizo revertir la situacionRealmente creo que esta compra no hubiera salido sin la idoneidad y el dinamismo del Paiz Team y de EWM quien brindo su prestiguio y respaldo a la operacion.Para mi fue una experiencia de compra por demás gratificante y sin dudas voy a recomendar a cualquier persona en mi situación el confiar su sueño de la compra de una casa al Paiz Team!!!”

by Ron & Michele Knox on Paiz Team

I believe it was about February 2014, my husband and I started looking for a second home. We live in Michigan and we vacation in Florida 2,3,4 times each year. So when we decided to look for a second home, we started searching on the internet. We got a response from different realtors, but one stood out and it was from the Paiz Team. My husband called and it was a relationship that was waiting to happen. Not only did Fernando find us a house, we got the chance to meet the most wonderful husband and wife team ever!Fernando and Karen, you are the absolute greatest couple we have ever meet. We thank God so much for bringing the two of you to our lives.We are so very pleased with the home you found for us. You made everything so convenient for us since we live in Michigan. You not only are nice, you have a great spirit. You are extremely professional, you are very knowledgeable about real estate and that helped us so much. You were more than my husband and I ever expected! We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us!!!We will always keep in touch.God Bless you and your family always!Ron & Michele Knox and Family!

by Maryse Arroyo on Paiz Team

Fernando and Karen,Words can not express my gratitude for the kindness and patience you showed me during my search for the perfect home.I came to Florida from Massachusetts not  knowing where to buy a house. You showed me around, guided me and showed me many manyhouses. I was difficult at times, but your unbelievable patience and kindness, and your professional expertise surpass my expectation.You found me the perfect home in the perfect  location and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you.You are beautiful people, good friends, and my Home will always be open for you.Best wishes in your profession and God bless you always.Sincerely,Maryse Arroyo

by Mirtha Velickovich on Paiz Team

Fernando, How can I explain to you how happy I am with the work and all the effort you've put into helping me buy and rent my condo. And not only that, also in helping my daughter and my son-in-law find their first home. We are extremely grateful and we feel very well served in every aspect. You really are a super professional in the real estate industry and above of all a very patient man. Thanks a lot, Mirtha Velickovic. Vladimir Velickovic

by Mirtha Velickovich on Paiz Team

Fernando ,como te puedo explicar lo contenta que estoy con el trabajo y todo el empeno que has puesto en ayudarme a comprar y alquilar mi condo y no solo eso tambien en ayudarla a mi hija y mi hijo politico a encontrar su primera casita todos te estamos sumamente agradecidos y nos damos por muy bien servido en todo aspecto realmente eres un super profecional en tu rama y sobre todo muy humano y paciente te estamos muy agradecidos ,Mirtha Velickovic .Vladimir Velickovic

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