Hopefully, your new year is already off to a very productive and happy beginning.  Our President Ronald Shuffield yesterday sent us a copy of the Miami Herald Publication where EWM talks about the Luxury Real Estate Market.  The cover story of this issue addressed the fact that South Florida has become a magnet for affluent buyers from all across the globe, who are attracted to our luxury offerings.  Expressing that for expensive fashion, high end yachts, cars and residences. The article points out in particular that EWM averaged a sale of a million-dollar-plus home or condo every 17 hours during 2014.  Tell your friends that the PaizTeam is part of this wonderful Real Estate Company and is committed to continue helping their clients to be part of this great achievements.

May 2015 be filled with much peace, happiness and good health for you and your family.  We are looking forward to working alongside each of you over the year ahead.

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