Most recently published this important information for those owners that have filled their homes with Smart Devices and they plan to sell that house and those devices changes hands ;  it can create security risks for Sellers and Buyers.  To help protect yourself, consider the following steps.


  1. Make a list of all smart devices that will stay after the sale, including locks, lighting, thermostats, alarms, streaming video players, moderns and Wifi repeaters.
  2. Immediately before closing, reset al devices to factory defaults to wipe away email addresses, credit card numbers and other personal Data.
  3. If a Device is tied to a personal email, create a free generic email address.  (example
  4. At closing, pass the generic email address and other smart home codes to buyers.



  1. Ask Sellers for manuals and manufacturer contact information for all smart devices.
  2. Notify manufacturers of change of ownership and provide new contact information so they can send you updates and security patches.
  3. Update all devices to the latest security software and firmware
  4. Change Passwords and user names of the devices.
  5. Change access codes for door lock, gates and garage door opener.