Christmas 2014



Christmas Memories
As a child Fernando remembers going to Baton Rouge and spending Christmas with his cousins every year…memories of the chilly cold, the smell of cooking pralines, playing football, fireworks, and that room where all the gifts were “secretly” put away till Christmas Day is something he’ll never forget.  Karen also remembers her childhood Christmases in Guatemala with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and all her cousins… so many gifts, fireworks, fun times and amazing food!  Now with the blessing of their four children the Paiz Family also strives to have wonderful times that in the future will become memories for a lifetime.

As Charles Stanley writes:

You can be sure that all of the people who experienced the first Christmas never forgot it. Joseph remembered the weight of responsibility on his shoulders as he cared for Mary during their journey and searched for a place where she could give birth. And we can imagine that the shepherds often replayed in their minds the scene of glorious angels and the sight of the newborn Messiah. But Scripture mentions only one who “treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart” (v. 19). Mary had carried this baby in her womb for nine months, but now she saw what no one else had ever seen—the face of God!

What was it like to see deity displayed in the body of a newborn baby? Though we can never see what Mary saw, we can each remember when we first recognized our Savior—the moment we realized He died for us.

This Christmas, take time to remember when you first met Jesus. What was going on in your life? How did you feel after accepting His offer of forgiveness? How has your life changed since that day? Now imagine what it will be like when you finally see Him face to face in heaven.

All the best to you,